Craft in our Core

While craft brewing may be seen by some to be a new phenomenon, it is an art form that Bairds has believed in, stretching all the way back to our beginnings in 1823.

As our business has evolved over the years we have been privileged to stand side by side with those who care as passionately about their produce as we do. From the highly accomplished farmer who tend their malting barley crops through the challenges of the UK maritime climate, to the brewers whose individuality brings the full spectrum of flavours to the fore of the end product.

You could call us a middleman, in the most complimentary sense of the word.

While our process may have moved on from the malting floors of Greenwich and Glasgow, the same skill and care is taken today with every batch of malt that we have the pleasure to work with.

Ours is a process of detail and care, whether it be a roasted barley in our roast house in the south of England, or a peated range in the north of Scotland, every batch that we work with is shown the same care and attention to the maltsters craft as those first few original batches produced by the Baird brothers in 1823.


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