Maris Otter® Finest Ale Malt

This is one of our finest two row Winter barley Ale malts that is produced utilising one of the UK’s oldest brewing varieties to meet the niche requirements of a growing number of dedicated craft brewers that choose Maris Otter® malt as the base of many of the great traditional British style beers they produce.

This malt is produced from the cream of the Maris Otter® crop, selecting some of the lowest protein barley grown by farmers keen to support the traditions of the variety. This then allows our master maltsters to produce a very traditional low protein malt which is packed with character and flavour. Replicating the original style of Maris Otter® malts that our maltsters would have produced 50yrs ago when the variety was first grown harnessing purely the farmers skill & knowledge of his land.

Moisture: 4.0% max

Extract DM: 310 min

Colour Range: 4.0 – 6.0

Total Nitrogen (% max): 1.55

DP: 50 min

Moisture: 4% max

ASBC Extract: 82.0 min

Colour °ASBC: 2.0 – 3.0

Protein % dm: 9.7 max

DP °L: 55 min

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Maris Otter® Finest Ale Malt

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