Maris Otter® Crystal Malt

Our highest quality medium colour crystal malt produced at our Witham site using one of the best known English two-row winter barley varieties recognised as the heart and soul of many exceptional craft ales.

The barley is grown by a limited number of dedicated farmers who work with this traditional English brewing variety, which has one of the longest crop cycles at 300 days.

It is then down to our highly skilled maltsters and roasters to work hand in hand to produce one of our highest quality crystallised malts. The true art of the roasters skills/trade where they draw on all of their sensory skills to determine just when that right time is to drop the roaster burners and allow the malt to coast to the peak temperature that ensures that they achieve a malt that is packed full of very sweet honey, caramel flavours yet has a slightly bitter finish. This is the ideal product to provide enhanced colour, depth of flavour profile and aroma to any Maris Otter® based ale.

Moisture: 4.5% max

Extract DM: 285 min

Colour Range: 130 – 150

Total Nitrogen (% max): N/A


Moisture: 4.0% max

ASBC Extract: 78.0 min

Colour °ASBC: 70 – 80

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Maris Otter® Crystal Malt

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