Our Heritage


– 1823

Brothers Frank & Hugh Baird brewer/maltsters found Great Canal Brewery.
Their vision to provide consistent high quality beer to the growing Glasgow population.

– 1832

Malting business setup to supply other brewers.
Hugh’s vision to bring consistent high quality malt supply to brewers across the Glasgow region.

– 1878

Hugh retires and hands over the mantel to sons Hugh(Jnr) & Montague.
They follow their father’s vision via the 2 malting sites Port Dundas & Springbank in Glasgow

Our Heritage


– 1906

An additional floor maltings at Greenwich, London, becomes the 3rd production site, and the first outside of Glasgow.

– 1925

A purchase of our Witham site/floor maltings helps to meet increasing malt supply demands. Our Witham site is still in use to this day.

– 1926 to 1960

Up to 20 further floor malting sites across the UK are added to the business as demand for a quality malt prouct grows.


Our Heritage


– 1963

The business makes a purchase of a green field site in Pencaitland, Edinburgh, to build a pneumatic plant. The land is purchased from a local farmer whose family continue to suppy quality Barley to Bairds to this day.

– 1964

The business consolidates to 2 pneumatic malting sites at Pencaitland in Scotland & Witham in Essex, England.


Merger with Moray Firth Maltings brings 3 further malting sites plus barley drying facility.
The business mirrors Hugh & Montague’s vision on supplying consistent high quality malt across UK.


Our heritage stretches back to 1823 when brothers Frank and Hugh Baird founded the Great Canal Brewery in the industrial powerhouse of Victorian Glasgow. With a booming population, the brothers identified an opportunity to bring a new beer product to the masses, the key ingredient of which would be a quality malt.

Soon realising that the brewery was just the tip of an innovative iceberg, Hugh took the decision to focus his efforts on malt production, to provide the same quality malt product to brewers across the city.

In the late 19th century the mantle passed to the next generation of the Baird family, and soon a floor malting site was acquired in London to add to those already in use in the north of the country.

What had begun as a passion from the brothers to bring a crafted beer product from a quality malt ingredient has now become a business that is trusted to work with brewers and distillers throughout the world, passing down through generations that same philosophy to craft the finest malt from master maltsters.

Our Next Chapter: The Heritage Collection

As we approach 200 years of malting history we can look back at a rich tapestry of care taken at every stage of our malting craft married with a desire to always innovate. As we look forward, we continue with that desire to be innovative, to support those who grow for us, and to ensure our place in also being a trusted partner to those brewers and distillers who desire the highest quality malt.

With that in mind, it is with a real sense of pride that we introduce the 1823 Heritage Collection from Bairds Malt, a range of 6 new premium malt products that showcase the art of quality malt production for brewers and distillers.

Building on the craft within our 12 core product range, the Heritage Collection offers an exceptional range of malt products with a refined provenance and character.

Whether it be the Heritage Distilling Malt, which allows us
to trace back to the exact farm from which the barley was harvested, or whether it is one of our other five heritage collection products, each with their own distinctive character, we are sure you will be as excited to work with these products as we have been to develop them for you.


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