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The 1823 Heritage Collection from Bairds Malt.

A new range of 6 premium craft malts created with your next brewing or distilling project in mind.

Craft Malt created with Heritage in Mind

The 1823 Heritage Collection from Bairds Malt is a new range of 6 premium craft malts created to celebrate the near 200 year malting history of Bairds, one of the oldest maltsters in the United Kingdom.

Our heritage stretches back to 1823 when brothers Frank and Hugh Baird founded the Great Canal Brewery in the industrial powerhouse of Victorian Glasgow. Realising that a quality malt was the key ingredient of quality brewing the brothers devoted themselves to producing a malt that brewers throughout the country could rely on.

That same commitment to quality malt is the benchmark of everything we do today – celebrating our heritage by continuing to partner with the finest growers of malting barley, to produce a range of malts that the world’s leading brewers and distillers can depend on.

Crafted by Character

From the humble beginnings of the Bairds brothers enterprise back in 1823, the passion and quality in our craft malt continues to be found today in the character of our employees, and those who we are entrusted to work alongside.

From our 5 malting locations throughout the UK, we are privileged to work alongside some of the finest barley growers in the country. From the Highlands of Scotland through to the heart of England’s Southern Counties and throughout the eastern seaboard of the United Kingdom, we are grateful to have shared our decades of malting craft with the custodians of those fields, many of who have been growing quality malting barley to supply to Bairds for multiple generations.

Craft malt in our Core

While craft brewing may be seen by some to be a new phenomenon, it is an art form that Bairds has believed in, stretching all the way back to our beginnings in 1823.

As our business has evolved over the years we have been privileged to stand side by side with those who care as passionately about their produce as we do. From the highly accomplished farmer who tend their malting barley crops through the challenges of the UK maritime climate, to the brewers whose individuality brings the full spectrum of flavours to the fore of the end product.

You could call us a middleman, in the most complimentary sense of the word.


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